Ahead of the curve.

The Casas Law Firm, PC is not alone in the vision to provide efficient and tech-savvy solutions. Courts across the country have made great strides to go “virtual.” Now a days, almost all cases (state/federal) are filed electronically and courts increasingly handle hearings telephonically or through video conferencing. To say that we have kept up with this trend is an understatement – we are ahead of the curve. Our virtual infrastructure allows us to pass on cost-savings to you by offering affordable solutions to your legal issues with the same caliber you expect from large law firms.

Experience matters.

We have decades of combined experience in the areas of law we practice in. Wherever possible, we strive to find amicable solutions for our clients that avoid costly, drawn out battles. But when going to war is what is best for our clients, we know how to develop and execute a winning litigation strategy.

Our attorneys practice in state and federal courts throughout the country and military courts around the globe. Whether you are a start-up that is seeking to formalize your business structure, an individual or business that needs to reorganize its debt, a non-profit that needs experienced general counsel, or an individual facing accusations of wrongdoing, our attorneys have the skill-set and know-how to help you win.

Our pound for pound attorneys routinely go up against some of the biggest law firms in the country. When you need the best results, our attorneys have the experience and track record to help you win.

Modern and versatile…

Our law practice incorporates relevant, secure, and innovative technology to serve our clients. As with any successful law practice, our attorneys may be handling other matters or in court and not be immediately available to take your call or visit with you. However, through our virtual solutions, our clients can communicate effectively with their attorney and access their vital documents from anywhere in the world. Simply stated, the old excuse that your attorney is “out of the office” doesn’t fly in our firm – we literally practice law “on the go.”.