Even the most successful companies and individuals are sued – unfortunately, sometimes it’s part of doing business. Sometimes you have to commence legal action to protect your business or careers. Regardless of which side you’re on, the mere idea of litigation conjures images of sleepless nights, shifting of valuable resources, and worst of all, losing your business altogether.

In the military they say that “intelligence drives operations,” likewise, “business drives litigation.” Part of what makes us great at litigation, is that we understand business. In fact, we have helped business owners start their businesses, run their businesses, structure their organization(s) in a manner that minimizes liability, and draft the agreements that forge relationships among shareholders, as well as the company’s vendors and customers. In addition to representing businesses and business owners, we also represent individual that need to protect their rights or defend themselves against lawsuits.

Our approach to litigation takes other critical variables into account such as budgetary constraints, litigation timelines, and the company’s and business owners’ image and reputation. On that note, we have tremendous experience in dealing with the media and know how to use the media to further protect your interests. Rest assured, we are prepared to take your case “all the way” to trial, if necessary. We are trial lawyers.

We will do our best to avoid litigation, but if you’re forced to fight, you want us in the ring.

Case Highlight:

Michael T. Uberuaga v. City of San Diego