Those of us who have served in the military understand the extreme personal sacrifice that comes with defending this great Nation. We devote countless hours of training and months of deployment away from our loved ones to stand in harm’s way. Your mission is to serve our Country with honor, courage, and commitment. Our mission is to protect your military career.

Military justice is a complex practice which usually involves the intersection of military regulations, orders, and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Navigating through these authorities requires special training, experience, and a thorough understanding of military life and culture. The consequences of violating the rule of law in the military can be devastating and can include reduction in rank, loss of pay, incarceration, discharge, and even the total loss of your retirement benefits.

Because the military justice system moves very quickly, it is imperative to obtain legal counsel during the early stages of a case, i.e., before charges are filed (preferral/referral) and, if possible, during the investigative stage. Often, but typically in serious cases (general courts-martial), military members wait to retain civilian counsel after their preliminary hearing (Article 32). By then, it may be too late. We represent servicemembers throughout the globe and even war zones if required. Attorney Joseph N. Casas has defended service members in some of the biggest military cases in the history of the United States. Mr. Casas’ current acquittal and retention (in separation cases) rate is at or above 95%.

Case Highlight:

United States v. Andrew Grayson