Whether you’re an artist, actor, model, recording artist, photographer, or talent manager there is no doubt you have worked hard to get where you are today. Unlike many professions, the talent industry is unique in that almost everything you do is a work of art that can is protected under US and international copyright and/or trademark laws. What a lot of talent do not know, is that even if you haven’t specifically protected your work, the state and federal law protects your work of art too.

We specialize in protecting talent from those that seek to exploit your rights, whether they do so unintentionally or on purpose. Over the past few years we have become one of the best law firms in the country in the area of protecting talent rights, especially in the area of misappropriation (theft) of talent image and likeness. We take on the largest of corporations and their “big firm” lawyers and simply put, we win.

Case Highlight:

Nouveau Model & Talent Management v. Skyworks, Inc.